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App Walkthrough

This video covers a basic overview of Pre-Pro's feature basic functions. It will help you get started quickly!

Performer Walkthrough

In this brief video we show you how to create Performers and a myriad of ways you can customize each Performer's profile. We'll also show you how to easily add Performers to the playspace.

Asset Walkthrough

Learn all about Assets. We cover how to add an Asset to the the playcspace as well as how to manipulate its scale and orientation within your performance.

Adding audio to the Timeline

This video covers how to add an audio track to your timeline. Once the audio is added to your Project you can add to any Performance file in that Project. It will even send the file to your Universal Library to be used in other Projects of you want.

Adding an image to a Performer

Learn how to add an image from your Media Library onto your Performer's timeline.  Adding an image to your Performer allows you to easily visual your Performance in a more way. Visualize costume changes or have the ability to use an image of the Performer in your production or event.

Adding a video to a Performer

Adding a video to a Performer's timeline is just like adding an image. This video will show you how to take a video and assign it to a Performer's timeline. Adding video to your Performance ensures the pinnacle of realism will be seen within your Performance.

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