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  • How do I save in Pre-Pro?
    With Pre-Pro™ you don't have to worry about interrupting your creative flow to save your work. It saves with every move you make. Leave. Come back. Hop in. We tried to keep it easy.
  • Can I send someone else my Pre-Pro™ if they don't have it purchased?
    You can export your Pre-Pro™ performance as a video from any camera position you desire, in either 2D, 3D, or both if you have the 3D version of Pre-Pro™ purchased.
  • Does Pre-Pro™ cloud sync across my devices?
    Pre-Pro™ is an offline, on-device app available for both Mac and iPad. You must export the Pre-Pro™ file, and open with another device. This on-device creation allows for freedom away from WIFI and other tethering restrictions. Whether you are 30,00ft in the air or on a train underground, you are free to create wherever you are.
  • Do I need an internet connection to use Pre-Pro™?
    Pre-Pro™ is an offline, device based app which does not require an internet connection after downloading it.
  • Can Pre-Pro be used for Cinematography?
    Pre-Pro™ 3D is the easiest choice for bringing any storyboard to life! With its multitude of features, you can easily visualize the movie of your dreams, all from the comfort of your couch! Create a virtual back-lot with full camera panning and orbiting for infinite interaction within and during your production playback.
  • Can a studio be created in Pre-Pro?
    You can create any environment ranging from a sketch based 2D rough draft, all the way to a virtual environment complete with backgrounds, assets, performers, and more! With the addition of our latest tool ProCube™, we have made it as easy as possible for you to capture, build, and place your vision as close to reality as possible. You can easily create a full back-lot environment.
  • Is there a student discount available for Pre-Pro? ?
    We cannot wait to show our Students what we have in store for their creative futures! Sign up for a our newsletter to stay up-to-date on all things Pre-Pro™.
  • What is the best way to present my Pre-Pro™?*
    You can Pre-Pro™ anyway you like! Use any video tethering or streaming service your device has to offer. Share and let anyone with Pre-Pro™ interact together or from their own remote locations!
  • Can I write notes in my Script?*
    If you think it, you can write it. Hand write notes on any Script you import, and write in your custom bookmarks you made on the Timeline for you to quickly reference.
  • How is the camera operated?
    The controls for the Camera are intuitive no matter which view you are working in! Orbit: drag one finger Strafe: drag two fingers Pinch to Zoom: pinch or spread to fingers
  • How do I create a New Performance?
    First, create a New Project. Name it. Create a New Performance. Choose a Venue. Name the Performance. Then you will be taken to the venue in the 2D view, where you can begin creating your vision.
  • Can I duplicate a Performance or Project?
    Yes, you can! Duplicating a Performance or a Project is the easiest way to ensure everything in your productions are always available to you, whether you're trying something different, or simply want another copy. Double tap the Project or Performance you want to duplicate, then tap on the duplicate button. You will now see a duplicate of that Performance or Project.
  • How long can a Performance be?
    A Performance can be as long as you need it to be. From first acts, to Super Bowl Halftime Shows. Just keep in mind that the larger your performance gets, the longer it can take to load. Breaking up a whole show into individual Performance files can help to reduce loading times.
  • How many Performances can be in a Project ?
    The answer is how many Performances can you create for the world to see?
  • How can I keep the performance I have already created, but also make some changes to create a different version?
    The easiest way for you to make some changes like this, is to Duplicate and Rename, so you don't lose track of the original creation. Once you do this, you can then hop into whichever Performance or Project you want to edit, and begin evolving your creation!
  • Can Performers and ProCubes created for one Performance also be used in other Performances?
    For the best way to ensure proper continuity moving forward without the hassle of recreating everything, we always suggest you Duplicate the performance, and delete the Timeline data as you see fit. That way, everything is still there where you need it. To delete the timeline data, tap the trash can next to any Performer or Asset to delete all the Timeline data for that specific Performer or Asset. (How do we answer this now, knowing we dont have performer carry over? PS)
  • Can I apply an Asset to a Performer?
    Not to a Performer, necessarily. Once you have imported a model into your Asset Library, all you have to do is drag it from the Library into the 2D space, and it will have its own spot in the Asset Tab of the Timeline. Your Assets are actually their own version of performers in your production. (assets are Performers? This confuses me a bit, and do we want to correlate them, which may cause confusion to the User? PS)
  • How do I record a Path for a Performer?
    In short : Select Performer(s). Press and Hold. Lift. Record. To record a Path for a Performer, select the Performer(s) you want to start recording for. Once selected, Press and Hold on one of the Performers for two seconds then lift, or let go, and the Red Recording P button will appear in the upper left of the screen. When you press and drag on the desired Performer(s), you will then begin recording for the selected Performer(s).
  • Can I move multiple Performers together at the same time?
    Pre-Pro™ has Multi-Select: an intuitive feature to help with making sure can manipulate or record multiple Performers and Assets at the same time. Record once, applied to all.
  • How long will an image assigned to a performer remain in the performance timeline?
    The image applied will be as long as the Path recording it is assigned to.
  • What does BackDrop™ do to my video?
    The effects of BackDrop™ render the background away in videos you have imported. Bring your production to a new reality. Record. Import. BackDrop. Pre-Pro.
  • When I import a Video for a Performer, what happens to the sound ?
    Any sound attached to the video during the import process will remain attached to the video, no matter where you use it in Pre-Pro™. Every video brought into the Timeline on a Performer's path, will be Muted by default. If you want to hear your video, simply double tap the media attached, and tap the mute button. That specific video on that Path will now be unmuted. Unmuting this specific video will not unmute other videos in Pre-Pro™™, even if you have used them in multiple Performances or Projects.
  • What is the setting I should use on my phone camera for recording my own Videos for use in Pre-Pro™?
    For iPhone videos to work in Pre-Pro™™, you must make a small change to your camera settings with these simple steps: Go to Settings. Scroll down and select Camera. Select Formats. Then change the Camera Capture from High Efficiency to Most Compatible. Now you're all set to begin recording on your phone and easily import into your Pre-Pro™ Universal Library.
  • Where do I place my Media in the Playspace
    In Pre-Pro™ you can Drag and Drop your Audio, Videos, and Images onto a specific Path node for any Performer in the Timeline.
  • Can I adjust where a Video or Image is at in the Timeline?
    In Pre-Pro™, Video and Images are attached to the beginning of the Path Node they are placed on. If you want to change the location of that video, simply "Double Tap" the video above the Path Node in the Timeline and Delete it. Edit the timing of your Path Node, then Reapply the Video onto the Path Node.
  • What is ProCube?
    ProCube is your new best friend when it comes to creating your virtual environment. You can customize the ProCube in a number of different ways: from the dimensions, color, texture and opacity. It is a visual cube you can use as a building block for creating your venue or custom backlot.
  • What can ProCube be used for?
    ProCube provides exciting opportunities to easily create boxes for risers, flattened planes for wings, walls, drops and curtains. You can create entire studios by quickly and easily building walls and applying panoramic backdrop views to the ProCube surfaces.
  • How do I use ProCube?
    Simply drag a ProCube into your venue space from the Asset library on the Pallete. Next, double tap the ProCube, then tap the ProCube Properties icon on top. Now that you're in the ProCube properties menu, you can place an image or a color on the whole thing, or each individual side… and just like that you have your own virtual Backlot. Imagine the possibilities!
  • Can Images be applied to ProCube?
    The user can put textures or images on either the whole ProCube, or individual custom sides of it, by double tapping on the ProCube you desire. Then tap the Cube Properties button. Here you can edit the whole ProCube, or select Custom Sides to edit each individual side of the ProCube! Enhance your background, or create your virtual backlot; ProCube has your back!
  • What is the Scaling Wizard?
    The Scaling Wizard is the process that allows you to have anything in Pre-Pro™ correct to its real-life scale. Once you import, simply drag the green line, and enter what you think that green line is worth in feet. (Ex??) Your newly scaled object is now available to use anywhere in Pre-Pro™.
  • What is the dimensional scale for Pre-Pro?
    Pre-Pro™ is set in Feet and decimals of a foot. Ex. 1 being 1ft., 1.5 being 1' 6".
  • What is the Floor Image icon?
    The Floor Image icon is under the Venue tools button on the Palette. It is there for you to apply a certain image, or PDF to your venue floor. Need to see the blueprints before you have a model? Apply a PDF on the floor of one of our Presets and rough draft some ideas. Need to put an actual texture or image as the floor to further finalize your virtual backlot? Apply any image, from wood planks, to paving stones, to clouds, and within seconds it's there.
  • How large of a Venue can I have?
    There really is no preset limit to Venue size. (not sure how to answer this without saying, if it doesnt work, it doesnt work PS)
  • What happens if a Performer, Asset, or ProCube is under a part of the venue?
    Where did it go?! Don't worry, we found it for you. Simply go to what you need in the Timeline and Double Tap its name. The tools will appear in 2D mode, allowing you to raise and interact with it.
  • When loading in a Venue or Asset from outside of Pre-Pro, what file format should it be?
    While we are always expanding our efforts to include every kind of format, Pre-Pro™ needs you to use .FBX, or .OBJ files when importing either Assets, or Venues.
  • What height is the Floor Image represented at?
    The Floor Image tool is represented at the Venue's 0ft. Please make sure your Venue has a Floor value of 0ft when creating it, so it can be exported and imported into Pre-Pro™ properly.
  • What is happening if items are loading on top of the Venue instead of on the floor?
    If this is happening, then it may be because there is a "roof" on your model which may need to be eliminated. Sometimes it can look invisible, as if you have no roof on your venue, but there may still be one there, which will need to be eliminated in order for anything to be dropped onto the floor when brought into the Venue.
  • What is the best format for a Venue to load correctly?
    There are two specific files which work with Pre-Pro™ ! These two files include: .FBX and .OBJ files. *Depending on the model, either one may work better for it.
  • What is the Numberline used for and how can I change the length?
    The Numberline is a tool used to help you refine your creative vision along precise coordinates which can be helpful for you, or anyone involved along the process of your creation. Adjust the length, color, and even its position in the Venue Tools on the Palette.
  • How do I apply a Floor to my Venue?
    In order to to apply a Floor to the venue, you must first be in a performance. Open the Palette and tap on the Venue Tools icon. From there you can tap on the button marked Floor Image, select, or import an image using our Scale Wizard to adjust the size. Once selected, hit the check mark and your floor will instantly appear in both 2D and 3D mode.
  • Can I adjust my Floor Image?
    If there is an image selected, You can always select it within the 2D space by tapping on the Floor and repositioning it. If you would like to resize it, you must reimport the Floor Image and use a different scale in the Scaling Wizard.
  • Can I align the beginning and ending timing of a group of Performers, Assets and Cubes?
    Nodes can be aligned by individually tapping the center of the node dragging to change it's location in the timeline. Once selected you can drag either end to stretch or shrink to make the path move faster or slower.
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