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The History

The concept for Pre-Pro® originated by founders Parker, Blakely, and Keith Slaybaugh during the early Covid lockdowns of 2020. While the live event and entertainment industry had completely shut down, it didn’t mean that the remote planning, creation, and ideation of new material had to stop. 


The Slaybaugh's began to use their extensive industry backgrounds in architecture, performance, and technology, to visualize a new path forward for the world of entertainment, event planning, pre-visualization and production. 

Parker and Blakely have spent their lives compiling resumes in commercial, live and recorded productions with the world’s top entertainment brands like Apple, Disney, Cirque du Soleil, Dreamworks, Radio City, and many others. While mostly spending their careers on stage as entertainers, their experience also includes technical lighting programming, filmmaking, and choreography. Keith has had an extensive career in leading architecture and design teams, and the production of 3D architectural environments using state-of-the-art technologies.

The three combined all of these disciplines and assembled an international team of developers, to integrate them into this new industry changing application. An application that takes the creative process on the go without limitation. An application that puts the new power of producing, in your hands. 

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